Parent Coaching

Your child has ADHD and possibly an additional diagnosis such as sensory processing, anxiety, or autism. You’re tired of repeating yourself. You’re exhausted. And… you just don’t understand how your child has no problem playing for hours on end on their ipad or video game, yet, they can’t pick up the clothes on their floor or complete their homework. You’re tired of feeling ignored and feel like nothing is working. You’re constantly worrying that things are only going to get worse.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  As a mom of two kids diagnosed with ADHD and other disorders, I know how hard it feels to parent through aggression, anxiety, sibling rivalry and meltdowns. I know the feeling of frustration, confusion, isolation, and worry!

Hi parents! My name is Stacy Mautner. My goal, as an ADHD Coach, is to educate and empower YOU to better understand ADHD and what your child may be experiencing. Our coaching sessions would be focused on understanding the behaviors you are seeing and learning how to look at them from an ADHD lens. By better understanding the diagnosis and behavior, you will be better equipped to support your child.  This knowledge can create confident parenting which in turn will cause change within the entire family. You can expect this to enhance household relationships and connections for all family members. You can finally feel like your home structure is back in order!

I’d LOVE to work with YOU! Ready to get started? Click the “contact me” button and fill out the information on the form. I’ll send you an email to schedule an intake call with me and we’ll take it from there!