School Advocacy Services

Parents are natural advocates for their children. However, when working with the school system parents can find the process overwhelming and intimidating. As an Advocate, my job is to assist families in guiding and supporting them through the special education process as a bridge between educational staff and families. My goal is to ensure every child’s needs are met and that supports and services are properly put into place. Every family will have different needs.  Below is a list of services I can provide. 

I’d love to work with you and get to know more about your child! The process is easy! You will have a one time New Client fee, which guarantees us working together through the remainder of the school year. This one time fee covers our intake meeting, contract signing, and all calls/emails that I will make directly to the school for the duration of the school year. The rest of the fees will be based on the services needed. I look forward to working with you!

One-60 minute intake consultation Initial meeting to discuss parent concerns about the child or school system
Phone  calls/emails as neededOngoing between myself and client as needed as often as needed
Current IEP or 504 Review Provided by client so I can read through documents. I will provide feedback and any recommendations if further services or accommodations which should be included
Diagnostic Testing ReportProvided by client. Report is needed in order to support and make the best decisions for your child
Educational ReviewSchool and/or client must provide student records, teacher progress monitor records, MTSS support, grades, etc. to be reviewed
Emails to School StaffIncludes me communicating back and forth to school and parents with recommendations and advocacy
Continuous inclusion on emails throughout the year
Meeting Prep and Attendance for IEP or 504Any documents I need in preparation for meeting participation ahead of time such as grades, student samples, testing (school, district, and national), student service documents, live IEP or 504 documents, etc.
Meeting with me prior to learn about what your goals are for the upcoming meeting
Travel fee (more than 15 miles additional $50)
Classroom ObservationObserving your child in the classroom setting for 1-hour
Provide recommendations to family and school
Travel fee (more than 15 miles additional $50)
Additional ServicesAny additional or ongoing services you are looking for will be priced out according to the duration of commitment and structure of the ask.