Glad you’re here! I’m Stacy, AACC, an ADHD Coach and Advocate.

I am a certified ADHD Coach who provides coaching services to children and adults who are dealing with the daily struggles of managing their ADHD. There are many different coaching services I provide such as adolescent, adult, parent, or family coaching. I also lead workshops for speaking events for individuals or groups who are seeking more information about the impacts of ADHD. In addition to my coaching role, I also provide educational advocate services and support systems for families who are working to collaborate with the school system.

ADHD Coaching Services for Adults and Children

ADHD Coaching is a partnership between Coach and Client who is diagnosed with ADHD or lives with someone who has a diagnosis of ADHD who is looking for an understanding and to build resilience with the diagnosis.  Coaching is an ongoing collaboration that is created to facilitate personal growth and awareness that leads to conscious choice, focused action, and a meaningful, rewarding life with a Coach who is knowledgeable, skilled, and able. 

An ADHD Coach listens and questions from an ADHD Lens. They assist clients to learn about their specific ADHD brain wiring. A Coach will help uncover and build from ADHD-specific strengths. They will encourage clients to create systems and supports that work for them. A Coach is a very active collaborator who understands the Client’s possible delayed development, low self-awareness, time insensitivity, and/or under-developed executive functions.  Coaches support clients to develop their social skills, future thinking, and specific executive functions.  They will understand the need to hold clients’ goals in front of them.  Coaches will teach clients how to use past successes to move forward with current situations. Coaches will instruct the importance of the power of pause, work on setting boundaries, and look at understanding situations/environments an ADHD client works best in.  A Coach will provide unconditional acceptance while understanding any coexisting conditions to support clients. They will have great patience, true curiosity, and no judgement to help clients take the pressure off and to feel truly heard and understood.

What Does an Advocate Do and How Does It Work?

Knowing how to best support your child can be very overwhelming. You know your child isn’t getting the support they need, but you might not be sure where to get started or even what questions to ask. An Educational Advocate is a person who is well versed in the school system and can help families who are struggling to get the answers and/or services their child may need.  This person collaborates alongside families and works with the school to ensure the individual student’s needs are being met. My advocacy services can be stand-alone or coincide with coaching services. The role of an Educational Advocate is to:

  • Protect parent rights
  • Increase communications between schools and families
  • Develop a relationship with the school in which the parents’ concerns are heard
  • Assist with setting up a safe school environment for the child 
  • Help facilitate the 504 and/or IEP process so parents can feel informed and can participate.
  • Work through roadblocks
  • Develop a team approach where parents and teachers are supported and collaborative using current student data to drive movement and structure.
  • Ensure accommodations are targeted per disability that meets each individual’s need.
  • Assist with developing a positive behavioral approach for any student dealing with a disability or disruptive behaviors that interfere at school.