Adolescent-Teen ADHD Coaching

As a parent, you’re stuck in frustrations of watching your child struggle with their ADHD impairments. You want to best support your child with their daily struggles, but aren’t sure where to start.  Your child may be struggling with hyperactivity, impulsivity, or inattention and it’s interfering with both home and school. Your child is struggling to control themselves and it’s taking a toll not just on themselves, but your family. 

Common Frustrations

You don’t understand why your child can sit and play video games for hours on end, but can’t muster up the energy to accomplish their homework or any chore you’ve asked to be done. Your child may get bogged down and overwhelmed with assignments at one time and nothing gets accomplished. Accommodations may be available but your child may not want to ask for help to avoid looking different from their peers.  Your child may have poor organizational skills which leads to losing homework, missing their books or other items, which can lead to daily frustrations. This is connected to poor executive functioning skills. Self care is often neglected and kids have poor sleep and nutritional habits as well as forget to take their medication. As your child develops, responsibilities change which leads to decreased abilities within their own independence.

Adolescent-Teen ADHD Coaching may be exactly what is needed.  Coaching is not just for your child, but also for you as their parents to learn how to cope with the daily frustrations ADHD may bring. Children who have been identified with ADHD often hear the negative.  Coaching will help inspire more positivity by learning about your child’s strengths and building their capacity. Identifying goals and setting proactive solutions will help your child not only accomplish tasks, but feel proud and successful. Coaching sessions with your child will work simultaneously with the parents. This information is vital to understand so as parents, you are better able to help your child cope with their ADHD.

As your coach, I will draw from my own experiences and education to provide up to date best practices that work to meet the needs of your child and family.  I promise to:

  • Actively listen to any and all concerns
  • Appreciate and have patience for ADHD traits clients are struggling with
  • Teach about the ADHD brain and how it impact themselves
  • Better understand their mind and body and how to best use their executive functions.
  • Provide a supportive non-judgmental partnership
  • Offer fresh perspectives when feeling stuck
  • Guide them through decision making
  • Design systems and structures to set attainable goals and create an action plan to reach those goals
  • Design solutions to problems with planning and organizing
  • Build and increase self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance
  • Understanding and appreciating each client’s learning modalities that will assist with completing goals
  • Identify and integrate character strengths