If you’re raising a child with ADHD, you know this diagnosis comes with unique parenting challenges, but you don’t have to struggle alone.

Join this Collaborative Coaching Group and connect with others who are in a similar situation while also benefitting from the expertise of Stacy Mautner, ADHD Coach and Advocate.

As an adult with ADHD and a parent of two children with ADHD, Stacy knows firsthand the daily impact of this disability. As a certified ADHD Life Coach, she also understands the complex wiring of the ADHD brain.

By relying on all of her knowledge and experience, Stacy helps parents understand the behaviors linked to ADHD, the associated deficits that get in the way of success, and how best to build the skills to fill the gaps.

Let go of the frustration, loneliness, guilt, and shame that so many parents experience and discover the relief and empowerment that comes from a supportive group where you can vent, collaborate, and learn together.